Why Property Settlement Day Is Now Less Daunting

31 December 2018
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Some industries have been a little slower than others in trying to embrace the digital revolution. Yet, in the past few years, the real estate business has finally signed onto the virtual world, as lawmakers sought to streamline the process involved in buying and selling a property. Up until this time, it was felt to be too much of a "risk" to engage in anything other than a face-to-face transaction, but today there are techniques in place to remove that last objection. Read More 

How to Fight a Charge of Resisting Arrest

30 July 2018
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Most people want to go through life without too much drama, as everything is so much easier if it is predictable. Yet sometimes circumstances beyond your control can lead to an unpredictable outcome and potentially traumatic events. Imagine what would happen if you were arrested in connection with a particular crime and had absolutely nothing to do with it. Would you protest your innocence loudly and risk being charged with resisting arrest? Read More 

How Property Can Be Divided after a De Facto Relationship Breaks down

29 May 2018
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Nobody ever expects a relationship to break down when they first enter into it, but sadly it's all too common in the world today. Sometimes, these breakdowns happen after many years of being together, and this can create several layers of complexity due to the "intermingling" of assets between the parties. If you're in this unfortunate position and are now looking to try and segregate everything, what do you need to know about the legal requirements? Read More 

What to expect during a child custody dispute court hearing

23 April 2018
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After undergoing separation, if you and your partner cannot agree on a parenting plan for your child/children, the case may have to be resolved by a judge. Under Australian law, both parents are responsible for taking care of their children until they turn 18. However, parents may dispute over who should remain in custody of the child during this time. Most attempts to resolve child custody disputes will begin with a mediation process. Read More 

Why Inheritance Portions May Differ

16 March 2018
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Are you wondering whether it would be held against you if you didn't leave your children with equal portions in your will? Read on and discover some circumstances under which it may be acceptable for you to distribute your estate unevenly among your children. Past Loans and Gifts You may decide to give a particular child a smaller share of your estate if you gave that person a loan earlier on and they didn't pay it back. Read More