Could A Bullbar Get You Into Trouble? Advice For Drivers In Victoria

18 July 2016
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Many Australian drivers fit bullbars to their vehicles, especially if they plan to drive in rural parts of the country. Bullbars can protect your truck or ute during a collision with an animal or a tree, reducing the chances of damage to the vehicle that could leave you stranded in the bush. However, a bullbar can also pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and other drivers. Learn more about the law in Victoria, and find out what can happen if you don't comply with the regulations. Read More 

Ask Your Lawyer: How Do You Claim Child Support If Your Ex-Spouse Moves To New Zealand?

8 September 2015
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New Zealand is an increasingly popular destination for Australians looking to emigrate. In fact, in 2014, more people moved to New Zealand from Australian than the other way round for the first time in 24 years. For estranged parents, this type of emigration can become a concern, and you may worry about child support arrangements when an ex-partner moves away. Find out what you can do to protect your child support if a paying parent moves to New Zealand. Read More 

Moving Out Before Your Eighteenth Birthday: What You Need to Know

30 April 2015
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There are many reasons children leave home before they turn 18. Some are being abused, some have families who don't accept their gender or sexuality and others are just ready to be independent. In most cases, you are a minor, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to stay at home. Here are some facts you need to know: 1. Legal age to move out In Australia, you are typically considered a minor until your 18th birthday. Read More 

Injuries While Bike Riding: Three Points You Need To Know

4 February 2015
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Not many people think about the cost of accidents before they get on their bike to go for a ride, but when accidents happen they can cost you a lot more than you expected. In December, 2014 a personal injury claim was filed in the ACT's Magistrate Court on behalf of a six year-old girl whose family faces financial loss after their daughter was injured by an uninsured cyclist. As the debate regarding compulsory cyclist insurance heats up, here are three points that you need to know. Read More